Switchgear Enclosures

EllisonAC design & manufacture in-house a range of Packaged Switchgear Enclosures which can accommodate associated items such as LV / HV Switchgear Panels, MCC Panels, Transformers and Distribution Boards or any other related electrical item of plant. The construction of any Switchgear Enclosure is built around the steel skeletal construction EllisonAC has refined over the past 25 years and can utilise our bonded cladding panels (varying thickness’s to suit any clients requirements, 40mm thick is the ‘standard’ available), full acoustic cladding panels if required for sound absorption, fire rated cladding panels and high security panelling systems are available. Internal solid partition walls can be installed where required and also mesh screens to break LV / TX areas within the same enclosure with internal access doors if required.

Important Factors to consider for EllisonAC Switchgear Enclosures;

  • Switchgear Enclosures are manufactured offsite within our purpose built manufacturing facility to any required size or shape.
  • Enclosures can be split down into modular format where required but still manufactured and client inspected as a single assembly as being replicated to site requirements.
  • All electrical equipment being installed can be delivered to our manufacturing facility for simple large jointed together sections offloading & incorporation, thus saving time on site.
  • Small Power & Lighting systems are all installed prior to site delivery.

Switchgear Enclosures can be produced to any shape or size and be ‘fully modular’ with the added benefit that Switchgear Equipment can be delivered to our EllisonAC Manufacturing Facility for incorporation into the Switchgear Enclosure when in production. The other consideration factor is that for any electrical panels being delivered they do not have to be ‘broken down’ into individual panel sections as you would when delivering to a traditional site. They can be delivered fully assembled and installed utilising our overhead crane facility to reduce time (and costs) for re-assembly. The Switchgear panel/s are then delivered to site ‘within’ the Switchgear Enclosure thus reducing site time. Additional elements such as small power & lighting can be added together with full Air Conditioning split-systems being installed and commissioned offsite prior to site delivery so you are ensuring a Packaged Switchgear Enclosure is truly designed and manufactured offsite with minimum amount of site works being carried out.