About Us

EllisonAC Limited The company’s reputation has been built on quality and attention to detail, combined with our ability to respond rapidly, all of which ensures our clients receive offsite Packaged Plant Solutions built to the highest of engineering standards. Continuing development (including the newest large scale 3D Solidworks full design capability) and re-investment within the company confirms our long term view that packaged plant will be the way forward in the future, offering better engineering solutions and ensuring projects are completed on time to higher standards than site fabrication.


Prefabrication of a packaged plantroom is assembling components of a normal boiler room, switchgear room, pump room, chilled water room etc in our manufacturing facility, and transporting complete assemblies or sub-assemblies to site which is then craned into position and connected to the site

EllisonAC Packaged Plant Solutions offsite fabrications can produce a packaged plantroom manufactured totally in house which is

  • Environmentally friendly way of building with optimum use of materials
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Reduced construction time
  • Increase in the quality of construction
  • Safety in construction

The Timeline History of EllisonAC



  • John Ellison created an M & E company specialising in local, mainly council, Heating & Ventilation contracting.
  • Works carried out included school boiler re-tubing & replacement together with the electrical element of works associated with the same.


  • John, whilst wanting to ‘stand out’ from other contractors designed & built the country’s 1st mobile boiler hire unit.
  • This concept was used when carrying out school boiler replacements, thus creating heat by temporary means to allow works to be carried out during the day rather than ‘out of hours.


  • Local contracting works increased substantially and a decision was taken to re-model the company structure.
  • A partnership agreement was formed with a French boiler manufacturer Co ‘De-Dietrich’ to become the sole UK company to assemble, commission & service their plant throughout the UK. Teams of ellison operatives were trained in Strasbourg for all such works.
  • It was at this point that the concept of a ‘Packaged Plantroom’ offsite manufactured was being conceived with John thinking of the companies future


  • ‘Tesco’, the largest potential client at the time for offsite manufactured plantrooms asked John to survey plantrooms they had around the UK as they were overheating and causing the controls system to knock out on overheat.
  • John surveyed approximately 22 Tesco sites around the country and summarised all good points and all bad points and presented the same to Tesco.
  • John had always wanted to progress the concept of Packaged Plant and saw this as THE opportunity to design the Ellison Containerised Plantroom


  • Ellison’s were awarded a contract which was the 1st Packaged Plantroom for a bespoke client, this being a contract at CWS in Croydon.
  • Following completion a presentation was made to Tesco and highlighted the positive points picked up from the surveys carried out.
  • Ellison Engineering were immediately placed on the approved suppliers list and all other companies manufacturing Packaged Plantrooms were instructed to purchase enclosures from Ellison Engineering.
  • The manufacturing of Packaged Plant was immediately under way !

1990 1995

  • During this time specific items were designed and created in house purely based on the manufacture of Packaged Plant, these items included the patenting of the Vented Acoustic Ridge and the method of fixing enclosure cladding panels to allow them to be removable for plant replacement or damage.


  • Ellison carry out major expansion of the manufacturing facility to include multiple overhead crane purchases & plant expansion all within a purpose built factory six times larger than existing.


  • Ellison engineering aquire closest competitor being AC Engineering Services of milton keynes, the company is re-branded EllisonAC Limited.



  • EllisonAC further expand there manufacturing facility to give full coverage over the entire site, again doubling the production floor space to ensure all overhead cranes, lifting up to 25 tonnes, cover the entire facility.