Each design of an offsite constructed EllisonAC CHW Packaged Plantroom is bespoke to suit clients requirements and generally contain all elements of plant required to produce an individual ‘plug and play’ CHW Plantroom designed and built in-house to the highest of manufacturing standards a client could possibly require.
As with all of our range of EllisonAC Packaged Plantrooms our Chilled Water Plantrooms generally contain elements such as Chilled Water Pumps (Pumps can be single head, twin head or multi-stage arrangements of In-Line, End Suction), pumps to be mounted on steel frame or Inertia Bases (depending on job requirements), locally mounted or in-built Pump Inverters, Pressurisation Equipment, Air & Dirt Separators, Valves, Tube & Fittings, Controls Systems, electrical installations etc. to form a complete Packaged CHW Plantroom manufactured offsite.

Plantrooms skeletal frameworks are constructed in-house with EllisonAC cladding panels manufactured to form the job specific plantroom enclosure. Plantrooms can be produced any size from small single section enclosures upto ‘multi-module’ enclosures measuring upto 40 Metres long x 20 Metres wide when transported and re-jointed back together on site. Cladding panels on all of our PlantPac® Enclosures range from our standard 40mm thick bonded panel construction, onto acoustic cladding panels, upto super acoustic cladding panels with any panel range incorporating fire rated linings if required.

EllisonAC are able to consider all plant manufacturers to suit client / job requirements (all suppliers to be EllisonAC Approved) and produce, as standard, detailed and co-ordinated 3D Layout drawings with Schematic drawings and Technical submittals for approval prior to construction.CHW Packaged Plantrooms are constructed offsite and fully tested to be then offered up for client inspection prior to despatch. CHW Packaged Plantrooms will be delivered as ‘plug and play’ Plantrooms produced ‘off the critical path’ of your site construction programme and delivered to suit client’s requirements.