Packaged Plant Rooms

EllisonAC are Specialist Manufacturers of Offsite Packaged Plant Solutions covering all types of Packaged Plantroom products including

  • Packaged Boiler & Pump Plantrooms
  • Packaged Switch and Switchgear Plantrooms
  • Packaged Tankrooms, Packaged AHU Plantrooms
  • Packaged Water Treatment Plantrooms
  • Packaged Biomass Plantrooms
  • Generator Plantrooms and Empty Plantrooms

All Packaged Plantroom products are designed and manufactured by EllisonAC ‘fully in-house’ within our purpose built Manufacturing Facility where all 3D Design, Fabrication, Pipe Welding, Cladding, Insulation, electrical and all processes including painting are carried out by EllisonAC trained staff to produce an EllisonAC PlantPac Plantroom to suit your specific requirements.